The Web.

Whatever your reason for working with the web Netafix can help you get the most from your web presence.Domain registration, configuration, design and marketingToday having an online presence is as essential as word of mouth. So it is important that you dedicate some attention to your online identity.We can help you: register a domain, maintain, host and publish your website. Though this is only half the battle. A successful website also needs "web-traffic". We can help you optimise your website for search engine indexing and market it on your behalf.-


A security assessment provides you with peace of mind. Our specialist team will examine your system for security weaknesses and apart from checking for system architecture errors (like whether your firewall has vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit), we will also examine your processes. Questions will be asked such as how much access you want your staff to have to your key data and are you physically protecting your data properly.